Hitoha Miyamizu
Kanji 宮水 一葉
Rōmaji Hitoha Miyamizu
Hair color Grey
Eye color Grey
Gender Female
Race Human
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Blood type O
Age Unknown
Birthday March 4th (Pisces)
Personal Status
Status Deceased (in first timeline when the comet struck) Alive (in final timeline)
Affiliations Unknown
Voice Actor
Japanese Etsuko Ichihara
First Appearance
Film Kimi No Na Wa

Hitoha Miyamizu is the head of the family shrine and the grandmother of Mitsuha Miyamizu and Yotsuha Miyamizu. After the death of her daughter (Mitsuha's mother), she raised Mitsuha and Yotsuha (Mitsuha's younger sister) herself.

She appears to be aware of Mitsuha's body switching with Taki, pointing out that Mitsuha is "dreaming" when it's actually Taki in Mitsuha's body. She also claims to have experienced something similar in her youth, but has long forgotten the contents of her dreaming experiences. She is last seen with Yotsuha, Mitsuha, and their father in his Mayoral office.

While she survived the Tiamat disaster of 2013, it is unknown what has become of her by the year 2021.

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