Katsuhiko Teshigawara
Kanji 勅使河原 克彦
Rōmaji Teshigawara Katsuhiko
Alias Tessie
Hair color Black
Eye color Hazel
Gender Male
Race Human
Blood type O
Age 17 (When the comet struck)

25-26 (End of movie; 8 years after the comet)

Birthday January 18th, 1996 (Capricorn)
Personal Status
Status Deceased (in first timeline when the comet struck)
Alive (in final timeline)
Relatives Father
Sayaka Natori (Fiancée)
Occupation Student
Voice Actor
Japanese Ryo Narita
First Appearance
Film Kimi no Na Wa

Katsuhiko Teshigawara is a close friend of Mitsuha's. He is an expert with machinery.

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