Miki Okudera
Miki okudera
Kanji 奥寺 ミキ
Rōmaji Okudera Miki
Alias Okudera-senpai
Hair color Maroon
Eye color Amber
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 24 (3 years after the comet)
29 (End of movie; 8 years the after comet)
Birthday January 22, 1992 (Aquarius)
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Tsukasa Fujii (Spouse) (presumed)
Occupation Waitress
Affiliations Italian restaurant
Voice Actor
Japanese Masami Nagasawa
English Laura Post
First Appearance
Film Kimi no Na wa.

Miki Okudera (奥寺 ミキ Okudera Miki?), commonly referred to as Okudera-senpai, is one of Taki Tachibana’s colleagues working at the Italian restaurant, and is Taki's crush for the first part of the movie. At the end of the movie, she is shown with a wedding ring. The author later revealed that she married Tsukasa.


Okudera is a young woman who is considered to be attractive by many people. She has maroon-colored, wavy, mid-length hair which she wears in a ponytail with two strands framing her face, and amber-colored eyes. She has a fair and light complexion and is often seen wearing red lipstick. When not at work, she has her hair down.

While working at the restaurant, she wears a waitresses' outfit that consists of a black vest, a long-sleeved dress shirt, a black bow tie, a black knee-length skirt, black transparent leggings and black heels.


Miki and Taki's arranged date by Mitsuha

Miki is shown to be wearing a black off-the-shoulder top and white 'circle-type' skirt while going on a date with Taki Tachibana (arranged by Mitsuha Miyamizu). She also wore a white panama hat with a black bow on her head, carrying a bag on one hand and wearing a watch on the other.


Okudera has a girly personality, wearing fashionable clothes and almost purposefully being attractive. When Taki was inhabited by Mitsuha's spirit, Okudera seemed to think that 'Taki' was cute, and went with him to try and find Mitsuha. She reluctantly enjoys smoking, citing that she is unable to stop.