Speculation Edit

Put here for preservation, since there is some useful info here... -- Fandyllic (talk · contr) 9 Dec 2017 8:02 PM Pacific

There're 2 possible locations for Taki's room:

Analysis If there is no hallway extending to the west, then his room be located on the left of the bathroom (entrance direction). With this location, his bigger window would face west, while his smaller window faces north. While there's no direct evidence of this location, the place on the right of the bathroom's more likely to be Taki's room, as:
  • It's implied that Taki's window is the window facing the same direction with the living room's balcony.
  • The balcony outside of his bigger window could be the same balcony accessible from the bathroom.
Problems Considering that he's living in an apartment building, next to this location should be the apartment 607 instead of the window and the balcony. And as his bigger window faces west, there should be no sunlight entering the room in the morning, which is not true as seen in the movie.
  • As seen in the outside corner of this place, there's a pipeline into the room, which is not seen inside.
  • From the same scene, there's no balcony on the other side of the corner, but it's possible that the balcony is not long enough to be seen from that angle.
  • Morning sunlight should have entered the room from his smaller window, not from his bigger window.

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