Someone please help me I had this dream of this girl who's living With me in some sort of another reality been dreaming about her last year for a month and didn't realize it but when I saw kimi no na wa it's related to me I only get to see her in my dream I don't know who is she in the real world and also I don't even know her name all I know is she's connected to me in that dream world or in another word my other reality. There is not much to describe about her all I know is he has long hair the last time I saw her she was wearing a red dress and her beautiful smile I hope I could find her and ask her what is her name as well. Mostly the people that I told thinks that I'm lying but I have swear to god that this is the truth I'm not begging you to believe in me but I know some of use out there have this weird or wonderful dream like I do . Who ever have the same dream like I do please help me since august 28 I've never dream about her again I wish one day I could end up seeing her in real life