Yotsuha Miyamizu



Kanji 宮水 四葉
Rōmaji Miyamizu Yotsuha
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Gender Female
Race Human
Blood type O
Age 9 (When the comet struck)
17 (End of movie; 8 years after the comet)
Birthday July 2nd, 2004 (Cancer)
Personal Status
Status Deceased (in first timeline when the comet struck)
Alive (in final timeline)
Relatives Hitoha Miyamizu (Grandmother)
Futaba Miyamizu (Mother)
Toshiki Miyamizu (Father)
Mitsuha Miyamizu (Older sister)
Voice Actor
Japanese Kanon Tani
English Catie Harvey
First Appearance
Film Kimi no Na Wa.

Yotsuha Miyamizu (宮水 四葉 Miyamizu Yotsuha?) is Mitsuha's younger sister. They live together with their grandmother, Hitoha. Yotsuha helps out in the family shrine, performing various ceremonies with her sister.


Yotsuha is a young girl with light brown eyes and black hair which she wears in pig tails with two different hairbands. She is usually seen wearing a blue T-shirt with an orange hoodie on top, white shorts, pink-colored knee-length stockings and brown shoes.

As a teenager, Yotsuha's hair grows out longer, but she still wears it in pigtails with two hairbands. She is seen attending high school with a standard uniform.


Yotsuha is very level-headed and independent, always waking her sister up in the morning and helping with breakfast, but she still acts like a young girl her age. She is quite carefree with the things surrounding the Miyamizu traditions which Mitsuha describes as "pre-pubescent lack of concern". However, she seems to be tired of the traditions, like making braided cords at times, like her sister. She also isn't very aware of her sisters relation to their father, but she knows they aren't on very good terms as she wants them to make up. Mitsuha mentions that Yotsuha comes up with many, and at times, weird ideas. She thinks that Mitsuha is somewhat crazy but loves her despite the situation.

Like most of the other Itomori residents, Yotsuha speaks with a dialect, often havin the suffix -ya in her sentences.


Yotsuha is the second child born to Toshiki and Futaba Miyamizu. Yotsuha had a happy childhood with her parents and older sister, but that changed when her mother died from a disease when Yotsuha was very young. Thus, she does not remember much about her mother. When her father left the shrine to persue politics instead, Yotsuha and her sister began living with their grandmother.

Kimi no Na wa.Edit

Yotsuha is commonly seen during the movie waking up Mitsuha, and, if Taki is in her body, expressing her discontent at her 'liking her boobs'.

When Taki is able to switch with Mitsuha for the last time, his crying fit makes Yotsuha leave, muttering that she has gone mad and had 'lost it'.

She inadvertently revealed to Taki (while he was in Mitsuha's body) that Mitsuha skipped school one day to go to Tokyo and look for him. She expresses genuine concern for her sister following the trip.

Following the destruction of Itomori, Yotsuha moves to Tokyo, presumably with her family members. She is seen attending high school in the city.


  • Her name "Yotsuha" (四葉?) means "four leaves". The same applies to her grandmother Hitoha, which means "one leaf"; her mother Futaba, "two leaves"; and her sister Mitsuha, "three leaves".
  • It is unknown with whom she lives at the end of the film, as Mitsuha is seen living alone in her own apartment. Presumably, Yotsuha lives with her father and/or grandmother.


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