Yume Tōrō
01 - Yume Tourou
Kanji 夢灯籠
Rōmaji Yume Tōrō
English Dream Lantern
Song Information
Release Date August 24, 2016
Track Number 1
Running Time 2:09

Yume Tōrō is a song from the film.[1] It is one of it's four theme songs and four vocals, and it is the first song to play in the movie. It is one of the only two songs to have it's own cutscene, the other being Zenzenzense.

It plays at the end of the 2nd minute of the movie, following Taki's and Mitsuha's reminisce over the events that caused them to feel as if they have lost something.

  1. Kimi no Na Wa


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