08 - Zen Zen Zense (Movie Ver.)
Kanji 前前前世
Rōmaji Zenzenzense
English Previous Previous Previous Life
Song Information
Release Date August 24, 2016
Track Number 8
Running Time 4:44

Zenzenzense (Also known as Zen Zen Zense, or literally Past Past Past Life) is a song from the film. Like Yume Tōrō, it has it's own cutscene, and is one of the movie's main themes and four vocals. It plays right when Taki and Mitsuha shout out "We're switching bodies?" in shock at the 29th minute. It is one of only two rock-themed songs in the movie, Yume Toro being the other. It plays while rushedly, Taki and Mitsuha go along with the body swapping.

The song is an edited version the was accommodated to fit the movie. Soon after the official soundtrack's release, RADWIMPS released the song's original version under the album Human Bloom, alongside the original of Sparkle.


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